No matter what the issue is, The Haley Legal Team combines legal excellence with creative thinking and superior client service to construct innovative and winning strategies for our clients. As a trial team, we try cases in state courts and in federal courts. We understand and encourage the resolution of disputes through negotiation and settlement; however, we also zealously pursue our cases in court if an out-of-court resolution is not possible. The Haley Legal Team handles a wide variety of legal issues, however it focuses primarily on criminal defense and personal injury.  




At The Haley Legal Team, we are

dedicated to providing excellent

and effective defense for clients

facing any kind of criminal charges.

False accusations of serious crimes

are terrifying and hurtful, which is

why we will do our best to support

you during this time and build a

strong defense against your

charges. If you are facing criminal

accusations, do not hesitate to retain a skilled Georgia criminal defense attorney.


Being arrested, no matter what the crime is, can be one of the most intimidating experiences of your life. In those moments you may experiences feelings of fear, trepidation and helplessness. You can do one thing to ensure your rights are protected. You can contact a Georgia criminal defense attorney who wants to give you and your rights a voice on the legal platform. Regardless of how minor or serious the charge, The Haley Legal Team defends clients against their accusers, doing everything within their power to facilitate a positive outcome for them in their case. In your time of need, we want to do the same for you.








We understand that these cases are

very important because they deal

with issues very personal to the

client.  A person's health determines

the quality of a person's life.  With

that in mind, The Haley Legal Team

makes great efforts to maintain a

high level of service to ensure that a

client's most treasured commodity

is protected.


If you’ve been injured in an accident, you need an experienced accident attorney on your side to help you stand up to insurance companies and get the compensation you are entitled to. The Haley Legal Team can help you obtain needed medical treatment following your accident with the legal counseling of a seasoned accident attorney. Contact us as soon as possible to start the recovery process.





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