About Our Team

Everything The Haley Legal Team does centers around our clients. We take each case personally. We understand the sensitive nature surrounding legal matters and the emotions that come with them. To us, you’re more than a client or a case number, you’re a person who needs our help.


Customer service is as important in the legal profession as it is in any other industry.  With this philosphy in mind, The Haley Legal Team makes special efforts to give our clients a high level of comfort and compassion.  We strive to achieve this goal in a straight forward manner: We return phone calls; we meet personally with our clients; we take the necessary time to answer questions and explain all aspects of our client's case; we regularly review files and calendar deadlines so cases do not last any longer than necessary; we deal professionally with insurance companies, opposing counsel and the Court to ensure that our client's case is being heard and properly evaluated; and last, but not lease, we treat our clients with respect and dignity.


We recognize that the manner in which we treat our clients has a direct effect on our level of sucess.  At The Haley Legal Team, LLC, regardless of the outcome of any particular case, we want each client to leave our office knowing that we did all that we could to achieve the best possible result in your case.


No law firm can ever guarantee an outcome of a case. What we can guarantee at The Haley Legal Team is our commitment to your case, interests and well-being.  We are here to listen to your circumstances, help educate you on the best solutions possible, and execute the potential solutions in an efficient manner.


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