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If you are facing a criminal charge in Georgia, chances are you may be feeling afraid and uncertain about the future. Whether the offense was a misdemeanor or felony, the results of a criminal charge can be devastating. Not all individuals are aware of their rights when they are arrested, and some may face penalties that far exceed the offense. When it comes to a Georgia criminal offense, it’s important to understand that you have the ability to contest your charges, especially if you believe you were falsely accused.


If you or a loved one were arrested for a crime in Georgia, be it a drug offense, theft, domestic violence, or even a computer crime, our criminal defense team is here to help. At The Haley Legal Team, we are passionate about providing our clients with quality legal representation.  Our office handles criminal matters throughout Georgia and we have a reputation for being thorough, dedicated and aggressive. Our team understands that a criminal charge is a serious and life-changing event.


The goal of The Haley Legal Team is to secure the most favorable outcome for your case and to stand by your side every step of the way. Our criminal defense team believes that fighting a misdemeanor or felony offense involves a lot more than just knowledge of the law. It involves a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, which is why we are committed to your unique interests. In addition to providing quality legal representation, our team seeks to provide compassion and understanding to our clients. Regardless of how slight or severe the accusation may be, trust that when you have a criminal attorney from our team on your side, we will work to resolve your case swiftly and with the best possible outcome.


No matter how petty an offense, there are several facets to a crime that require thorough analysis by experienced criminal attorneys so a successful outcome can be achieved.  Our attorneys understand that honest, hard-working individuals can find themselves facing criminal charges. At The Haley Legal Team, you will not be judged based on your circumstances; rather, our team will support you through every step of the legal process.



If you are facing a criminal accusation in Georgia, our team is here to help. A successful case outcome begins with a successful attorney-client relationship, and our firm believes in being accessible at all times to help answer questions and relieve your concerns. We have already helped hundreds of people just like you fight their charges and are ready to take on your case right now. Contact The Haley Legal Team today to schedule a FREE consultation so we can help you overcome your criminal charges successfully.




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